Sustainability Week at Zain Kuwait Hosted by SEEDS Co.

June Jun 2023

SEEDS company proudly delivers and curates B2B sustainability events according to client’s requirements and needs. We have successfully delivered 5 days workshops and lectures for “Zain Sustainability Week” for Zain Kuwait, a captivating series of workshops and talks that took place from March 13th to March 17th.

This engaging week was successfully completed by a group of experts and enthusiasts that are passionate about sustainable living, offering valuable insights and practical sustainable solutions to the attendees.

From designing sustainable home gardens to re-purposing waste into beautiful decorative items, each day was filled with opportunities for attendees to learn, create, and contribute to a greener future. In this article, we will explore the highlights of each day’s activities.

Day 1: Design a Sustainable Home Garden Workshop
In this engaging workshop, participants had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of designing a sustainable home garden. Led by Dr. Reem Al Hazeem, a horticulture expert, the attendees explored efficient irrigation methods and discovered the most suitable plant varieties for our region. This session was conducted in Arabic, ensuring that all attendees could actively participate and grasp the knowledge shared


Day 2: Sustainable Terrarium Masterclass
During this masterclass, participants had the chance to craft their own sustainable terrariums. The masterclass instructor shared their expertise in creating and maintaining home gardens. Attendees learned the art of building a self-contained ecosystem in a glass enclosure, combining aesthetics with environmental consciousness. The workshop empowered participants to bring nature indoors while promoting sustainable practices in gardening.



Day 3: Waste to Vase Workshop – DIY Diffuser Making
Led by a local Interior design and architecture expert, in this workshop participants learned how to repurpose used glass bottles into beautiful diffusers. By transforming waste into decorative items, attendees discovered the art of up-cycling and were inspired to incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives. The instructor’s expertise and creativity brought forth a wonderful opportunity for attendees to express their own artistic flair while promoting waste reduction.



Day 4: Eco – Sustainability Entrepreneurship Talk by Founder Jasem Al Abouh
Founder Jasem Albouh took the stage to deliver an engaging and informative talk on sustainability entrepreneurship. Attendees gained valuable insights into the principles and practices of building a sustainable business. Jasem’s expertise and real-world examples inspired participants to think creatively and contribute to a more sustainable future through entrepreneurial endeavors.



Day 5: Eco-friendly Candle Making Workshop
Participants had hands-on experience in this eco-friendly candle making workshop. Through the use of natural wax and organic ingredients, they learned how to create their own environmentally friendly candles. The workshop provided valuable insights into sustainable practices and encouraged attendees to embrace a more conscious approach to candle making.



The Zain Sustainability Week event was a dynamic and inspiring showcase of workshops and talks aimed at promoting sustainable living. Throughout the week, participants had the opportunity to engage with experts and explore various aspects of eco-friendly practices.

From learning about sustainable home garden design to crafting terrariums and repurposing waste into decorative items, attendees gained practical knowledge and hands-on experience in sustainable living. Additionally, a talk on sustainability entrepreneurship provided valuable insights into building sustainable businesses.

By partnering with us for future corporate events, organizations can tap into the expertise and knowledge shared during the Zain Sustainability Week. Our team is dedicated to curating engaging and informative experiences that align with your corporate sustainability goals.

For more information on upcoming events and how to approach us for future corporate engagements, please reach out to us at Together, let’s embrace sustainability and make a positive impact on our environment while achieving your organizational objectives.