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SEEDS is A Leading sustainability company offering consultations, training & workshops and events under the sustainability and green building fields. We provide consultancy services in different fields including green building certification systems such as LEED, EDGE, GSAS, Building Gap Analysis, Energy-Efficient Design, Sustainable Design, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, Indoor Air Quality, And Environmental Assessments. We also Provide Custom And/Or Private Training And Workshops For Corporates And Organizations Interested To Embed Sustainability In Their Strategy And Day-To-Day Business. Lastly, We Offer Sustainability Events Through Private Events, Workshops, Seminars, And More!

Our Team

People Behind SEEDs Company

Co-founder & CEO
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Integrate and embed leading edge sustainability into current practice to provide appropriate dynamic solutions that inspire communities to coexist and grow with the environment


To Transform Conventional Built Environments.

Our Logo

Psychology Behind Logo

SEEDS Logo Carries A Very Symbolic Meaning. It Was Deliberately Designed In An Abstract Form To Reflect The Various Aspects Of The Platform. The Letter S Was Incorporated In A Leaf Form To Represent A Green Environment, The Continuity Demonstrated By The Curves Of The Letter S Represents The Dynamic Revolution Of Sustainability. With The Right Seeds Being Planted In The Right Environment This Visualization Can Be Maintained And Achieved.

Our Impact

Sustainable Environemntal And Energy Design Solutions

We Care About The Print We Leave On The World. As A Company, We Focus On Integrating The Triple Bottom Line Of Sustainability In Our Work Environment And Our Services. We Created Our Services Around Six Different Sustainable Development Goals SDGs Initiated By The United Nations. We Cater For The Quality Education SDG By Providing Access To Quality Courses And E-books. We Focus On Decent Work And Economic Growth By Providing Equal Gender & Race Opportunities To All Employees And Internship Programs. Our Team Members Are Respected, Valued And Provided With A Comfortable Working Environment. We Promote Climate Action Through All Of The Content And Services Provided By Our Company. We Work Together For Success Through Partnering With Companies And Organizations That Share Similar Visions And Values. We Aim To Be Responsible Consumers By Reducing Our Waste Generation In The Company And Hosting Most Of Our Activities Virtually. We Are Activists And Enthusiasts That Aim To Transform Conventional Built Environments To Become More Holistic And Sustainable.


People Are The Social Pillar Of Sustainability. It Focuses On The Needs Of The Individual With The Needs Of The Group. SEEDS Is Established For Communities To Coexist With The Environmental For The Optimum Sustainability Impact. We Cater For The People Through The Following:

  • We train newly graduates and employees through quarterly internship programs that focus on skill building and sustainability learning.
  • We support local and national movements that relate to sustainability
  • We empower women by exposing them and providing them with leadership opportunities


The Planet Is The Environmental Pillar Of Sustainability. As A Company Our Goal Is To Consider The Planet And Environment Throughout Our Activties And Services We Provide. We Cater For The Planet Through The Following:

  • We provide access to environment related courses, articles and ebooks.
  • We help clients reach environmental goals by providing technical guidance and advisory.
  • We host free events to educate people about climate action and environmental awareness.


Profit Is The Economical Pillar Of Sustainability. As A Company Our Business Model And Profit Is Mainly Based On The Following:

  • Reducing carbon footprint by having our main operations online where both employees and clients get remote access.
  • All of our services & products are aligned with the environmental and social pillars of sustainability. We therefore provide these by making sure the content promotes climate action reduction, is ethically sourced products, has reduced carbon footprint and is fair labor.