Kuwait International Airport Car Park Project

Limak İnşaat Kuwait S.P.C

SEEDS Co. is thrilled to extend its expertise as the LEED consultant for the Kuwait International Airport Car Park Project. This ambitious undertaking, led by Limak Insaat Kuwait, the main contractor, boasts an exquisite design featuring an oasis and meticulously crafted landscaping. SEEDS Co. embraces the opportunity to play a pivotal role in ensuring the car park’s sustainability and Eco-friendliness, aiming to secure the prestigious LEED Gold Certification. This project highlights SEEDS Co.’s vital involvement in elevating sustainability, emphasizing its commitment to integrating nature and green practices into the airport’s infrastructure.



The Green Oasis of Kuwait International Airport Car park:

The Kuwait International Airport Car park Project is more than just a functional space for vehicles. It is envisioned as an urban oasis, skillfully blending modern architectural design with lush greenery and serene landscaping. This unique approach not only enhances the aesthetics of the car park but also aims to create a welcoming and environmentally responsible space for travelers and visitors.

SEEDS Co.: The Guardian of Sustainability:

SEEDS Co. assumes a key role in this transformative project by acting as the dedicated LEED consultant. The company’s primary objective is to ensure that sustainability remains at the core of the carpark’s design, construction, and operation. With a proven track record in promoting green building practices, SEEDS Co. is well-equipped to guide the project towards achieving LEED Gold Certification.

Integrating Nature and Green Practices:

At the heart of SEEDS Co.’s approach to the Kuwait International Airport Carpark Project is a profound appreciation for nature and green practices. The company collaborates closely with the design team to integrate lush landscaping, indigenous plants, and sustainable elements into the carpark’s layout. By incorporating elements of an oasis, the project creates an inviting and harmonious environment that prioritizes the well-being of occupants and visitors.

Designing for Sustainability:

SEEDS Co. emphasizes a holistic approach to sustainable design, considering energy efficiency, water conservation, and environmental impact from the project’s inception. The company works diligently with architects and engineers to optimize the car park’s performance, incorporating solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and energy-efficient lighting solutions.


Thorough Implementation and Tracking:

Beyond the design phase, SEEDS Co. remains actively involved in the project’s implementation, ensuring that sustainable practices are executed with precision. The company oversees the construction process, providing guidance on responsible material sourcing, waste reduction, and Eco-friendly construction techniques. This thorough monitoring ensures that the car park project adheres to LEED criteria and aligns with the sustainability goals set forth from the outset.

Embracing a Sustainable Legacy:

SEEDS Co.’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the completion of the Kuwait International Airport Carpark Project. By creating an urban oasis and integrating green practices, the project aims to leave a lasting positive impact on the surrounding environment and community. The car park will serve as a model for sustainable development in the region, inspiring future projects to prioritize nature-centric design and Eco-friendly practices.


As the LEED consultant for the Kuwait International Airport Car park Project, SEEDS Co. takes pride in guiding this transformative undertaking towards LEED Gold Certification. By integrating nature, green practices, and sustainable design, SEEDS Co. showcases the potential of harmonious infrastructure that elevates sustainability while enhancing the overall experience of airport visitors. This partnership with Limak Insaat Kuwait stands as a testament to SEEDS Co.’s commitment to shaping a greener and more sustainable future, one project at a time.


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